Improv Sweater. Week 2: Yoke Progress

The Sweater Itself

Not knitting at least half an hour a day feels wrong for me. I picked up my Fringe and Friends KAL 2016 raglan again this morning, after a slew of chores (including repotting our 30 year-old mother-in-law’s tongue), and I feel more at peace. It’s coming along beautifully, I think. I’m almost done the yoke. I’ve been trying to feel my way along, rather than plotting every bit out mathematically. Despite this “touchy feely ” approach, I did do some calculations for the increases not just for size, but also to make sure I would be able to join up the front and back in the flying geese pattern. It’s working out! Yay!

The sleeves will likely go largely unadorned as the body is so textural already. I’m thinking of not doing too much shaping in the body, rather blocking it out to be a bit A-lined, to keep it casual. That, or I’ll make it a cropped pullover. Still toying!

Other Things

I haven’t had a lot of time to knit in the last week. Things have been busy around here. Saturday, we made pickles with a friend and his family out in the town of Snohomish. We used an old family recipe, handed down to them via their grandmother, a Polish farmer. Apparently, the trick to a crunchy pickle is to remove the jars from the canner (read: large pot of boiling water used to sterilize and seal) just as the vegetables start to dull out in colour. Nobody likes a limp pickle! Sunday was similarly busy.

Monday night, after some seriously delicious Kao Soi at Pestle Rock (excellent Thai food!), we were able to pick the pears in our yard! Reaching up with the basket was difficult but worthwhile; I sent Tom up the ladder. No heights for me, thanks!

Tuesday night, we made pear butter. We are now practically swimming in it. I can’t wait to try some on toast this weekend, when it’s had time to rest!