Faffing and Yokes

I have been faffing about the last few months, having lost my creative wind this year. 2017 has been a weird one — very productive in the beginning, but the middle isn’t really holding up its end like I’d like!

Even so, this has somehow become the year of the yoke for me, sprinkled with other things.


  1. I finished my Deco (Kate Davies)! Might unpick the ribbon because it’s all sitting a bit askew, but otherwise all complete! I used these adorable vintage buttons I got from the Fremont Sunday Flea Market. So cute!67836913
  2. I am going to take on the Damejakka Loppa/Flea Cardigan (Pinneguri)! After creating zillions (zillions!) of colour scheme mock-ups, I’ve settled on this one. It’s risky, and not at all traditional with the yellow and blue, but I’m excited! Having sold off some stash, I had enough money to order from Holst Garn directly. The yellow is undecided — I have some Rauma Finullgarn leftover from my mittens I did awhile ago, but not sure I have enough. If the Sunrise comes and is too orange, I’ll just get more of the Rauma, I guess.Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.35.20 AM
  3. I also was naughty and ordered some deep Venetian red on a spool so I can put together a Cockatoo Brae (Kate Davies) with the scraps from my Monochrome Puffin as the yoke. Not sure if I want this to be a cardigan or not, yet.
  4. Still have plans to actually hop-to on the Sundottir (Dianna Walla) front. Why do I procrastinate so?IMG_5154
  5. I’ve been slowly making progress on a mariner style sweater for Tom. Slow, but steady. I’m designing it myself, with set-in sleeves. So far, so good!


I think I’m going to take a break from knitting for people for Christmas. It isn’t worth the stress!

I will, however, be working on a few hats for people to whom I promised them awhile ago. Piles of things to do!

Still to do this summer: natural/acid dye day with Cory and Sara (???), and learn to spin on my Lendrum.


Speak soon!