May Day Update

I’ve been steadily working towards my making goals the last few months, and was so wrapped up that I had quite forgotten to fill you all in! It’s been a successfully productive year, so far. I’ve not been good about switching between new and old projects, though I have been trying, and I have completed the Monochrome Puffin and the Stasis in record time. I’m now working on finishing my Deco, and I think I might pull apart my #fringeandfriendskal2016 sweater and turn it into something else. I’m just not in love with raglan sleeves at the moment!

I’ve been playing with making an Ursula out of some of the scraps leftover from my Puffin, using a golden yellow as the background colour and having a graduated grey colourwork motif. I might, instead, use the significant amount of leftovers to knit a Shetland style lace hap, as they seem rather interesting. Undecided.

I’ve also been toying with overdyeing the grey/pink yarn I originally used for my FAFKAL2016 sweater. I’m not partial to the colour, and think it should fully commit to either grey or pink. I’ve got avocado pits storing up in the freezer, and so I’m going to attempt a pink dye for a rosy hue. I’m sure it’ll turn out fine (no sense in being anything but optimistic!). I’ll need to organize a dye day as soon as the weather turns. Maybe in June?

Pictures to follow tomorrow! It’s much too dark today to take any!


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