Update amidst the frenzy

It’s been busy around here. I feel as though I’ve done enough already to fill the entire month, but it’s only halfway through January. Tom and I were in the San Francisco Bay Area last week, for all intents and purposes locked in a tiny cupboard, contending with away work and some admittedly unpleasant colds (or was it the flu?). Week before that was the frenzy of post-holiday, and (for me) birthday shenanigans. Fortunately, I’ve also found time for knitting this month.

Warm Hands

I’ve stolen every moment I’ve had free and devoted it to working on my Shine Mittens by Pia Kammeborn. They’re coming along swimmingly — I wove in the ends on the first one sitting in SFO, waiting for the plane to board on Friday night. I cast on the other, but haven’t had time to work on that yet as I was asked last-minute to knit up some fingerless gloves for our neighbour’s little girl’s birthday tomorrow. That was Sunday afternoon knitting, in aran weight acrylic (not my place to be picky regarding others’ choices of yarn, but I am not an acrylic fan in the slightest). Tonight, I get to be selfish again and focus on my own projects: the right mitt.

The Finullgarn is really lovely, and soft even for a new wool. I wasn’t sure about it in the ball, but I could definitely wear this against my skin without too much protest and scratchiness.


Mono Puffin

Last week, two weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought myself two sweater quantities of yarn for the first time in over a year (I was pretty good about the yarn diet, all things told, and have been mostly cured of impulsive yarn purchases at this point). I’m pleased to say that, through much creeping and crawling through the internet and various international postal systems, my Snaeldan haul will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to pet it, play with it, understand it, and get cracking on swatching for a Puffin in all grey tones (charcoal, mid grey, light grey, white) in Snaeldan Nappað tógv 2tr (2-ply). Yes!

Anyway, that accounts for the one sweater quantity of yarn. The other sweater quantity in the order is also Snaeldan, but their 3-ply, or worsted weight, and also in charcoal. I have found, after much research, that it’s probably my favourite charcoal grey colour, and I cannot wait to knock out another of my basics goals this year by knitting a charcoal grey basic pullover in it. Jury’s out on what pattern I’ll use, but I am looking for something textural, or very simple, or perhaps both.

I would like to say that I recommend Faroeknitting.com as a source for these yarns. Hanne provided excellent service and was quite prompt. I should mention that the tracking code I was given worked for Faroe Islands Post, Danish Post and the USPS, making international tracking less stressful, and quite easy. I knew where my package was, and it moved quickly.  If you’re reading this and deciding whether to order from Faroeknitting.com — go for it. It has been very easy and efficient. I had no doubts, as there was no cause for concern, but there is a dirth of information regarding her company and the yarn itself online. I plan on writing up a small review of the Snaeldan yarn when it gets here and I have had time to work with it, to try to fill a little of the gap (hopefully). I hope this will be useful to someone in the future. I know I would’ve found it useful!


Update: Monochrome Puffin is done! Most of the way through Warm Hands — stalled up there a bit.


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