2017: Goals

Today I’m here to talk about my making goals for the coming year, 2017. I’m ambitious, and don’t expect to get to all of it, but I like to have a pool to choose from as I go along so I have some premeditated self-guidance.


I’ve been trying to refine my tastes and style a little. Instead of picking projects that I find novel (a rookie mistake I used to frequently make), I’m trying to pick things I’ll actually enjoy wearing. I’m sure I’m allowed some frivolity in my life, but most of my knitting should be geared toward practicality. I want to love my clothes, and I don’t want to spend time, money and effort making things that don’t make my heart sing. What I think I need to add to my wardrobe, knit-wise, this year:

  • Marinière pullover; the classic nautical sweater, with blue and white stripes, and a boatneck. Mine will be fitted with 3/4 sleeves, and I’m seriously eyeing Imperial Yarn’s Tracie Too (bottom right) as a candidate.
  • Black or charcoal pullover; I need a basic dark pullover with long sleeves and a v-neck, I think.
  • Patterned circular yoke pullover; I’m eyeing some Icelandic designs, though I’m getting pulled in very swiftly by Kate Davies’ Puffin Sweater, with its zigzag circular mantle, though I’d definitely do it in greyscale instead. I was already eyeing Snaeldan Nappað tógv 2tr (2-ply) for this, and noticed that this project by Ravelry’s A-frb already existed (top centre), and is the spitting image of what I want, even in the same yarn.
  • A pair of mittens! I’m leaning toward Pia Kammeborn’s Shine mittens (top left) in the original yellow and white. Usually I don’t go in for matching the sample, but the look of them makes me happy, and isn’t that the point?
  • I want to try socks. I have sock yarn, and will try in the summer, when small wool projects make more sense than large ones on your lap in the heat. This actually is a surprise for me, because until recently I was open about my feelings re: knitting my own socks. (“I couldn’t bear to wear my knitting on my feet, where it will wear through so quickly!”). I took a course on mending at Knit Fit last month, and I’m more confident that I can make and maintain knits that take a lot of wear.
  • I also have definite plans to skewer some things I have had on the back-burner, but certainly also have the materials for. Specifically, two Brooklyn Tweed patterns (also pullovers — hi, I’m Aja, and I love pullovers):
    • Stasis, by Leila Raabe (bottom left), done in Tracie Too (grey, with black contrast, as in the picture, actually).
    • League, by Veronik Avery (top right), done in Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft, as called for, but in wholly different colours (I’ll get to that another post).


Less concrete feelings on sewing in 2017. I’m thinking of getting a new sewing machine (have been for some time), but I’m hesitant because it’s a lot of money and I’ve been so frustrated with sewing recently.  I have some basic feelings:

  • I want to make my yellow dress, finally.
  • I want to try to make a few tops for the summer.
  • I want to attempt a black gauze skirt.
  • I want to make a bunch of project bags so I can neatly pack away my knitting shenanigans at the end of the day, and not look at its sprawling mass around the house.
  • I want to attempt quilting at some point. Maybe 2017 will be it?

Finishing Old Projects

In no particular order (and what I think is stymieing me on these):

  • Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Deco, by Kate Davies): The sleeves scare me a little, because it’s hard to measure the gauge and I’m afraid I’ll have to reknit them a bunch.
  • Tamarack Jacket, by Grainline Studio: I strained my eyes embroidering this sucker, and have been afraid to go back, but I will when the light gets better in the spring!
  • Migration Pullover, part of the 2016 Fringe and Friends KAL: Having to restart this was a bit frustrating, but ultimately the right choice.
  • Faroese Pullover: A product of maker’s ennui; it’s a bit fiddly around the sleeve increases but I know I’ll like the product, so I just need to push through another arm, and the top raglan.
  • Ballard Bound (Ebba, by Dianna Walla): The blue was coming off on my hands and I know it’s going to bleed everywhere, and… maybe I’ll frog and use different yarn. I thought about buying some Chickadee, as is called for, but I’ve heard terrible things about the pilling and I don’t want to do all that work for pills.
  • Travel Cardigan, Victoria, BC: Endless sea of stockinette mixed with the zero memory of mohair silk thread. Pretty, but why do I do this to myself?


I plan on being careful with my current unfinished projects in the coming year. I don’t expect the world of myself — that I’ll finish all three large projects that are as yet unfinished in January, or whatever. I do, however, want to interchange new projects and old projects to breathe new life into them all. I hate it when making feels like a chore, and so I will start a new project and finish that, then finish an old one, back and forth, etc. etc. until I’m in a place where I don’t have a ball and chain in yarn or fabric form around my ankle. Making is supposed to be fun, after all!


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