Improv Sweater. Week 6: Re-Do.

Selfie magic!

So I’ve restarted this pullover (I suspect that will garner a few gasps…) I’m making as a part of Fringe Association’s #fringeandfriendskal2016. I looked at it last week and was kind of disappointed in how it was turning out, and then after a brief bout on Instagram (thanks, Karen, for asking about the raglan depth! Hello, stark reality!!), I decided to rip the whole thing and start afresh. I looked at the original and some of the small details I had got wrong were really nagging at the back of my mind, pulling my attention away from my pullover and into a kind of ennui over the whole thing. I knew that this wasn’t working for me, that I would be unimpressed with the final product, and that I wouldn’t wear it. That obviously completely defeats the entire purpose of this KAL and the product of my labour! So, I’m calling re-do. My heritage musings aside, and my desire for a sportswear pullover, I feel this will serve my wardrobe best, even if it doesn’t appeal to my intellectual vanity. (I can appease that later!)

Here’s what I’m set on:

  • Boatneck, instead of crew.
  • Reversible, instead of fitted yoke (because I’d like to extend the flying geese pattern to the top of both sides).
  • Contiguous neckband, to avoid having to sew it up later, because I don’t know that I care that much about the rounded quality of the sewn bind-off for this.
  • 3/4 sleeves, because I love them a lot.
  • Modified raglan for better fit.
  • Oversized a bit to make it cozy and so that I can layer it if I want.


I’m also switching yarn. The other yarn started to grow on me, but I think it is better suited to be a pullover I gift to a friend than an actual wardrobe staple for me! (Sophie, if you’re reading this, look out, you’re getting something pretty for your birthday/Christmas). So I give you: Madelinetosh-dyed Composition book grey (more purple in this iteration), Valley Yarns Northumbria DK Special Edition. It’s been in my stash for years, and I have decided it needs to be something delightful. Time to shine, guys!

Re-do! Now, in Composition Book Grey.

I spoke briefly on my Instagram account about a challenge to myself to finish this pullover in about a week. That doesn’t seem like it will happen, though I was technically capable and have knit that quickly in the past. I hurt my back earlier in the week, and it’s been screaming a bit more loudly over the past two days. (Last night, I had to have Tom wail on my lumbar area so I could sleep.) So, I’m knitting from the couch today, trying to knit as fast as I can from a reclined position, while searching for job postings. Multi-tasking at its finest! It isn’t a race, but I want to get a move on, anyway. Wish me luck!


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