Working towards stashlessness

This morning I woke up and things felt a bit off. I suffer from anxiety (who doesn’t, it seems?) and today’s point of worry was the fact that I feel like I have too much stuff. I stare at my yarn stash, and it is throat-lump-inducing. I wish I hadn’t developed it, but now I’m saddled with it, and I can’t imagine anyone wants to buy it off me. I might try selling some of it this winter once I get a bit more settled into a routine, as well as selling some shoes I don’t wear but that are pretty collectible and in perfect or near-perfect condition.

Back to: stash.

My ultimate dream is to go stashless

I haven’t bought yarn in over half a year, and I’m planning on holding onto that plan for at least 12 months, if not longer. I want to knit from my stash, as I’m compelled to knit, but I’ve outgrown it in many ways. The things I want to knit right now don’t match the things I wanted to knit a few years ago. My tastes have changed, and (I’d like to think) refined a little. My ultimate dream is to go stashless, to not have this horde of yarn to lug around every time I move. I am therefore slowly cataloguing my yarn, deciding what I can use, how I can use it, and what I need to sell or donate. It’s a shame because the money I used to buy it was hard-got, but my mental health wants simplification, and damn it, I’m giving it that at least.

Instead of this being primarily a boring venting/complaining post, I would like to offer my present and future self a list of goals and methods to keep the stash down where it belongs. I give you:


Aja’s Stashdown Tenets 2016

  1. No buying yarn until that anxious feeling subsides (better than a tangible number of skeins, or projects, as this point — I trust my gut on this).
  2. If buying books or patterns, they must be able to be used with the present stash as it exists. This having been said…
  3. Try to knit from already-purchased patterns in your library. If you don’t like them anymore, someone else will, so get cracking on those gifts (see item 6). As an extension:
  4. No buying online patterns unless you plan to cast on directly. No exceptions.
  5. Get rid of any and all acrylic or unnatural fibres. No exceptions. (This is quite gratifyingly easy as I have a very limited amount of acrylic).
  6. Knit presents for people, if possible, to get rid of stash. Start as early as possible.
  7. Put unwanted stash up for sale on Ravelry. Don’t think twice about it.
  8. Try to enjoy the freedom of taking hold of a situation that makes you uncomfortable and getting through it! This is great!

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