Beautiful Tools

I love beautiful tools. They really enhance handiwork, and make what I’m doing a joy rather than a chore, even when something about it is a bit frustrating (I’m looking at you, set-in sleeves).

This past Saturday marked 6 months since Tom and I got married, and it’s almost been 7 since I’ve lived permanently in Seattle. What a time it’s been! We’ve done so much; found our tiny cottage and moved, started to build our lives together properly.

Tom saw me struggling with my inexpensive pair of sewing scissors the other day, while cutting out my first Moneta dress, and he got an idea. He whisked down to Lucca on Ballard Ave. and got me a very beautiful present and tool indeed: these amazing scissors from Merchant and Mills. I’m so lucky and I can’t wait to get going on cutting out more clothes this autumn!


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