Planning Stage: A Handmade Autumn

It’s Labour Day, and Seattle is grey and a bit chilly. The weather’s weird here this time of year; the early spring flowers frequently get confused and rebloom. I saw crocuses on our walk today. What?

Fresh with some pocket money from dog-sitting (I had no idea dog-sitting was lucrative?), I’m naturally planning on how to blow all of it (or at least much of it?) on some fun new handmade clothes for the fall and winter!

Sewing Plans

I’ve got a few plans for the next month for my handmade wardrobe. It’s getting cooler here, but not so much so that I can’t wear skirts and dresses. I am also considering a more casual jacket that I can just throw on and trundle about in.


I went in to District Fabric in Fremont on Saturday, when it was still sunny and warm. Tom was in tow, and the shop was a bit steamy, so we left before I bought anything as we were too uncomfortable for me to settle on anything. However, with their 3rd anniversary sale on, I knew that I’d want to come back. I texted Cory to see if I could similarly enable her (Me: “At the risk of being a horrible enabler…[sale at District]”, her: “Hehe! What are you doing in half an hour?”), and we struck off yesterday around lunch time for a quick dip into fabric hedonism!

I scored a Colette Ginger Skirt pattern; absolutely stunning (!), beautiful (!!), perfect (!!!) Italian brushed wool in a navy blue check with amazing depth (enough for the Ginger; the picture with the pattern is closest in colour to actuality, but the complexity of the check is obvious in the other photo); and some cotton/spandex dark grey heathered jersey knit for another Moneta (I’m planning an arsenal!). District Fabric was feeling particularly generous on their birthday, so as a part of the purchase, I was given a really cute Ikat napkin set. I chose this green and white ikat print, surprising even myself, as I almost defaulted to my usual black and white preference. I feel like I came out with what I wanted, though of course, I wish I could’ve come home with All the Wool, Shirtings and Silks. Oh my.

Today, I’m ordering up some really lovely, textured linen and chambray for a Tamarack jacket. I’m really excited about this quilted jacket, but I don’t want to make it as roomy as it calls for because it’ll look like a tent on me. Instead, I might size down. Toile will tell. Anyone have any experience with this pattern and have thoughts? I have been searching online for other’s thoughts, but nothing’s come up that’s too tangible.

Here’s what I’m thinking (photos linked directly from Colette and Grainline Studio websites):

Moneta X 2 (yellow, and grey) by Colette Patterns
Ginger (blue check wool) by Colette Patterns
Tamarack jacket (black/silver linen) by Grainline Studio
Sorbetto (stash buster) by Colette Patterns


To recap without pictures:

  1. Moneta X 2 (yellow and grey) by Colette Patterns.
  2. Ginger skirt (blue check) by Colette Patterns.
  3. Tamarack jacket (I’m thinking black/silver linen) by Grainline Studio.
  4. Sorbetto (a few in some fabric remnants I have kicking around, to wear with cardigans) by Colette Patterns. Did I mention it’s free? Yay!

Are you excited? I’m excited. Yes, it’s Colette-heavy, but that’s fine with me this season. I’m going to post pictures of my fabric choices when I can sometime this or next week. Depends on when the rest of the fabric comes in.


I’ll have this #fringeandfriendskal2016 pullover done in a few weeks, if I keep picking away at it like I’ve been doing. I try not to have too many projects on the go at once, thought that’s been a problem the last year. Consequently, I’m going to try to finish up projects I’ve had in hibernation for a bit.

  1. Deco. I am almost done the entire body, but need to finish a bit of the front first.
  2. Faroese pullover. I’ve had this in my bag for ages, and I only have to finish an arm for it to be complete. It’s on!
  3. Ebba. I need to decide whether or not this is going to bleed on me, and if I decide it will, I’ll frog it. I love it, but the dark blue yarn is a serious bleeder.
  4. I’m sure there’s at least one more I’ve forgotten.


It’s going to be a busy autumn!


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