A Moneta Dress, or Adventures in Jersey Knits

A mustardy rayon spandex blend I got at District Fabrics, in Fremont.

I haven’t sewn in a good long while. This is mostly because my sewing machine was in Ontario, while I’ve been in Washington state! My personal effects arrived about two months ago, and I’m only just getting settled enough to start sewing again.

I’m not a highly skilled seamstress. I can do basic things, and even try slightly more advanced techniques, but I haven’t taken lessons, or anything. I try to find good tutorials online, and I have a few books. I try very hard, even so. I even sewed my own wedding dress (horrible wedding pictures, but the dress turned out ok.)

I’ll be sewing version 3 of the Moneta dress.

Today, I’m working on the Moneta dress, by Colette Patterns. Everyone under the sun who knits from indie patterns seems to have done this one. Here’s another, I guess? I’ve used several Colette patterns before, and they usually fit well, but never worked with jersey knit. Maybe it’s my naivety, or my general luck with sewing purportedly difficult patterns or fabrics, but I’m not too nervous. I’ve picked up some tracing paper in a roll, and I have almost all of my necessaries (acquiring a walking foot for my Janome mechanical machine tomorrow, for good measure — it frequently eats lighter fabrics if I’m not careful).

I’ve chosen this mustardy yellow, a colour usually outside my colour range and roundhouse. I’m excited because it’s so autumnal! Yes, it’s a bit of a blatant rip-off of the Moneta 3/4 sleeve sample on their site, but… I don’t care! I foresee me making a lot of these dresses for ease of wear this fall and winter. Why not start brighter than normal?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI even managed to find thread to match,despite the abysmal light in the store making my swatch look, well, puke green. Yay! I’m usually a Gütermann girl, but this was the only thread that matched well. Coates, don’t fail me now. I also took this opportunity to pick up a few tools I don’t have. Lefty scissors were on sale, which was very exciting. I won’t get hand fatigue as easily if I use correctly handed scissors. I also picked up ballpoint needles, a hem gauge, clear elastic and ballpoint pins. I still need that walking foot, and a ballpoint twin needle. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, so I’ll trace it all out and see how I feel!


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