Improv Sweater. Week 2: Thinking Ahead, or, I Love Autumn!

I wear sunglasses all year round, which confuses the residents of Seattle to no end. One of my most coveted pieces in my entire wardrobe are my Prada sunglasses, which I bought on a self-indulgent whim around my birthday at 5am in Heathrow several years ago.

Participating in the #Fringeandfriendskal2016 has really got me thinking about how I want to wear the product of my efforts this autumn and winter. It may be early days yet, but I’d like to hold onto the momentum I feel by looking ahead!

My favourite bottle green boots, with a slightly higher heel than my new black chelsea boots! Yes, I have a thing for cuban-heeled pointy boots. Let’s see how I can incorporate them…

I like to keep things simple. I don’t go in for things that are too trendy, rather I like basics that I can reinvent as trends change, or else unique pieces I have no chance of seeing elsewhere and that scream “me”. As well, autumn and winter in Seattle are not particularly cold, but this knit is a loose enough fabric that I should have breathability without sacrificing texture. I thus have some flexibility when choosing items from my wardrobe.

For this sweater, I foresee black tights, my favourite tulip-cum-pencil skirt, the fabulous pair of black chelsea boots Tom gave me for my birthday last winter, a simple cami underneath. Maybe a high messy bun, or my favourite not-quite-cat-eye sunglasses.

Before it gets too dark, and The Rains come, I think I’d pair it with my slowly-washing-out pair of soft blue jeans, cuffed a little, with my bottle green ankle boots that have more of a heel. I have a cognac brown hobo bag that would look darling with it, too.

For something a bit louder, but still quite relaxed, I’d wear it with my cranberry chinos, and these really darling two-toned wingtip brogues I have been working on breaking in (they are made of such stiff leather!).

It almost makes me want to get bangs (or, as my UK friends say, a fringe) again. Almost.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.42.32 AM


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